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Recurse Center Blagg – Jan 29, Day 20

(Great British Bake Off voice) Well, it’s fundamentals week here at the Recurse Center. Or at least obscure fundamentals? Fundamentals which are less likely to be useful than things I already know? In any case, so far this week I’ve:

Note that I have very little of my own to show for all this! That’s fine! I’m out of ideas! Sheesh!

I also paired with Hank to demonstrate the finer points of string escaping. I should probably get back to an actual focused project next week, as I’m clearly going broader and shallower than ever at this point, but… I already shipped a few things this month and I’m enjoying the break from that. No good reason to burn out right now. Still, with only two weeks to go… gotta get myself featured on Joy of Computing, right?

Ideas are percolating.